O&M for wind turbines

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Tozzi Nord provides a complete service from transport to installation, including “full service” maintenance, covering both routine and extraordinary servicing. A qualified team with extensive experience in the field assists the client in the installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance of the wind turbines throughout their entire operating lifespan, estimated to be in excess of 20 years.


Routine maintenance

  • visual and functional testing
  • tuning and/or optimisation
  • replacement of consumable parts
  • maintenance work reports

Extraordinary maintenance

  • emergency response in the event of breakdown or malfunction
  • restoration of operation
  • performance checking

Remote maintenance
Tozzi Nord has adopted a proprietary remote monitoring system, which can monitor the status of wind turbines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By means of this service the operational and functional parameters of each Wind Turbine are monitored in real time from the Tozzi Nord control centre, which remotely regulates the production capacity and the availability of each Wind Turbine.


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