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The only wind turbine that can produce up to 37.300 kWh at an average annual wind speed of 5 m/s, an ideal performance for a guaranteed long-term investment. Silent, reliable and with the characteristics of a maxi wind turbine, the TN535 can be installed in locations outside town centres such as agritourism establishments, farms, shopping malls, campsites and small to medium size businesses. The TN535 offers high power generation, even in sites with low wind speeds, thanks to aerodynamic and mechanical characteristics such as active pitch and yaw control. An advanced remote monitoring system guarantees maximum long-term safety and availability

For areas that experience extreme weather conditions such as typhoons and tornadoes (e.g. Japan), Tozzi Nord has equipped the TN535 with a tilting tower.
1) protection of the wind turbine from hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes
2) the ability to raise and lower the wind turbine without the need for heavy lifting equipment
3) maintenance of the wind turbine in safety at ground level.




  • Class IV, I15 = 0,18
  • Up to 37.300 kWh/p.a. at 5 m/s
  • Rated power: 9,9kW
  • Rotor diameter: 13,2 m
  • Swept area: 136,7 m²
  • Hub height: 15 m – 18 m – 24 m
  • Cut-in speed: 2,5 m/s
  • Cut-out speed: 16 m/s
  • Rated speed: 6,8 m/s
  • Synchronous generator with permanent magnets
  • Active pitch
  • Active yaw
  • Secondary centrifugal brake


Weibull factor k=2,0 Technical availability 100%
Air density: 1,225Kg/m3 (l.d.m) Average turbulence index: 18%
Average annual speed m/s 4 5 6 7
Average annual production MWh 24,59 37,36 47,24 53,52

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